It is time for us, the citizens, to bring the change we want!

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Anastasios Kyriakou Shakalli (Tasos)

Candidate for Member of Parliament for the Famagusta District with the

"Independents" movement


The change needed in Cyprus can be done in 2 very simple steps


Vote for new people…

new movements



do not abstain

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Difficult...but not impossible! 

With 2 steps that sound both difficult and easy we can turn the page and go from partisanship to real democracy.

Step 1

This year vote for new people…new movements!
Now is the time to vote for new people and new movements. The old and big parties cannot bring the change that this country needs. They have already proved this for many years. Do not fall into the trap of ignoring or not paying attention to new candidates from new movements without first getting to know them.


Step 2

This year Vote, do not abstain!
This year it is time for all of us to mobilize. We can achieve the overthrow if in the next parliamentary elections we all go to the polls to vote. Do not fall into the trap and say "I am sick, tired and disgusted with politicians and I am not going to vote." This only benefits the large and organised parties that have ruled the country, in the same way, for the last decades.


If we really want change, we must change first. It is a law!

Conversations between us in Cafés, all types of coffee shops or on Facebook, and even at many demonstrations, all go to waste. Nobody listens, nobody takes them seriously, because nobody benefits from any of the rulers.

The only day that the voice of citizens is heard is through elections. Let's change the composition of the parliament this year by giving more than 51% to new movements, to young people.
If we achieve this now, we will soon do the same in the presidential election. Only then will new and old laws be passed and implemented without presidential reversals and setbacks.


Only in this way can we build and fix our country, there is no other way, only with the immediate implementation of new and old laws. Everything else is just words or individual fruitless efforts.

When we succeed in overthrowing partisanship and moving towards real democracy, then we will hand over the system of overthrow to other countries, to new movements so that we can build a better world.

One reason that the overthrow of the establishment has not been achieved so far is because we did not believe that we could achieve it. This year things have changed; this year we believe in it and we have organised it and we need it more than ever before!

Why I am running for candidacy? 

The reasons I am running are the following:

  • I have had enough of the way our country is governed, over time and every day I see that nothing is going well. Irresponsibility, sloppiness, injustice, bribery, indifference, unworthiness, partisanship and many other things that happen in the outdated state system, which make me more and more angry. On every trip I have made abroad, I come back angry due to the big differences I have seen in other countries, especially the European ones.

  • I am one of those people who believe that disaster is not brought about by the few who do it but by the many who tolerate it. I am also one of those who believe that we live in the modern tyranny that from the many personal financial obligations each person has, they cannot deal with the public or have time to react. At the same time I am one of those dreamers who believe that they can change the world and I am now determined to do something to change country...maybe the world as well.

  • I feel that those who have been in high positions for so many years will wonder why the world has not yet revolted. I believe they will also feel guilty about the way the government is evolving in Cyprus, but they certainly cannot admit it, they may be waiting for someone to save them from the labyrinth they have lost. So after evaluating the situation I decided to do something that could possibly bring redemption to everyone.

  • I believe that I have the right qualifications to help govern my country. To help bring about cleansing and justice, true democracy and hope. Throughout my life I have been very organisational and creative, and this is something I can make the most of for the good of my home.

  • My character pushes me to work with more enthusiasm and passion for the public than for my job or for myself. I fully understand that the common good is above all personal benefits.

  • After several years of professional career and after several years of volunteering, I feel ready to take the next step and offer my duties on more substantive issues. If I am elected, I intend to leave my job and dedicate myself professionally to the office as a Member of Parliament, since that is now what I feel I want to do with my life.

  • I have joined the movement of independents led by Anna Theologou, a person who I have watched for the past five years at political events and who I admire for her ethos and courage to deal daily with the old political establishment. The path she has set is, for me, a lighthouse in the ocean.
    Anna and the rest of the movement, that I have met, have common views and suggestions on how to govern our country and we are all against decay and corruption. With this movement we can win the elections and we can bring about the overthrow, change and hope to our country.
    If this movement did not exist, I probably would not have taken the step of running to becoming a Member of Parliament.


My vision

My vision is to live in a state that respects its citizens, its citizens to respect the state and each other.

In a state that I will be proud of for its functionality, for the work it does, for its status and reputation.

I want to live in a state with an "identity" where the customs and traditions of my country are preserved. The institution of family and society to be strong and alive through our daily lives.

To live in a state where school education will be essential, for human principles and values to be above all else.
In a state where children will have time to play and enjoy their lives. Arts, sports and activities to be both accessible and part of their lives.

To live in a state where state taxes will not drain citizens and citizens will not have to work double hours or double jobs to make ends meet.

To live in a state where there is growth, prosperity and hope.

To live in a state where the national guard is strong, proud and ready for any eventuality, which will offer strength to any negotiations and talks.

To live in a state that will build strategic alliances and friendships that will benefit our country and its citizens.

To live in a state where politicians will set a good example and be a model citizen for the whole society.

This is my vision and it can only come true if you share it and support me in the next elections.

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Who am I 

My name is Anastasios (Tasos) Kyriakou Shakalli and I come from the occupied village of the Province of Famagusta, Makrasika.

I grew up in Dasaki Achnas as a refuge, it was very hard but at the same time carefree and close to my family.

From the age I remember, at least 5-6 years old, I worked in fields and at the age of 14 I started working in a hotel on the Larnaka - Dhekelia Road.

I graduated from the Dianellio Hotel School. I served in the National Guard, worked for a few months in a marble factory and later returned to the same hotel to pursue my career.

At the age of 21, in 1992, looking for something better, something interesting and creative, I left the hotel industry and started my own advertising company without knowing the content of the subject, but always believing in my abilities and especially in my organisational skills and my creativity. The result justified me since 29 years later I continue to work in my advertising company with great activity and customers from all over Cyprus and abroad.

At the same time, from a young age, I felt the responsibility to volunteer and I, in turn, to do what I could to give back to society. In 1992 I was one of the pioneers of the dance group of the Achna Forest Youth Centre, in 1996 I founded the "Makrasika Association" where I was president until 2017. I am co-founder of the association "Friends of Lagia" since 2011, I am the coordinator of "neighbourhood observers" in the area where I live, area Krasa - Koni, Aradippou since 2014, I am a part of all parent associations throughout the education of all my children and also, since 2017, I am a board member of the Cyprus Association of Sustainable Tourism (CSTI).

I am married, I have 3 children and I live in Aradippou in the area of Kamares - Krasa. My wife comes from the village of Lagia, she is a graphic designer and works with me in our family business.

I have already started preparing for my replacement in my company, as I believe that in case of my election I should give myself completely to the public. Only with concentration, targeting and hard work can satisfactory results be achieved.

The position of MP for me is a function but at the same time a profession. We must show love for our country and professionalism in passing and implementing the bills. Only in this way can we bring the right results, in my opinion.

My strong characteristics are organisation and creativity.
I also want to believe that I possess diligence, formality, patience, perseverance, flexibility, and insight.

Clicking on the photos below you can see more details about me and my active contribution to the public.
Also by clicking here you can see a tribute to my professional career.


My political, personal goals

Changing the way of governing with the direct involvement of the citizens.
I have a specific plan which will take some time but will bring about real democracy, development and above all cleansing. I have named this project at this stage “Real Democracy Οnline” and you can see my complete analysis of this below.

With the plan “Real Democracy Οnline” purification will take place in all areas and at the same time old, forgotten cases will be opened and punishment will come sooner than ever. Only in this way we will feel justified in our country, by punishing the guilty and not covering up the cases.

General tidiness of state finances, such as ending waste in double-triple pensions, limousines, guards, secretaries, advisers, commissioners, managers, lump sums, bonuses, and more. There is a great inequality of benefits today that violates real human rights, even the very constitution of the Republic of Cyprus.

Upgrading the quality of life of citizens in all areas. Many of the ideas will come from the citizens in the state through the plan “Real Democracy Οnline.”

Upgrading public education to a more humane level. Schools to firstly produce people and then students.

Compensation for all refugees retroactively from 1974 until the final settlement of the Cyprus problem.


Establishment of a "Wise" committee in order to resolve the Cyprus problem. Over the years, the Cypriot problem has unfortunately escaped from its base which is the invasion and occupation and we unfortunately lead to new adventures every year. A committee with the best academics, politicians, constitutionalists and other worthy citizens, where with the right strategic planning and with the participation of the respective Governments, will seek to solve the Cyprus issue correctly and fairly.

Modernisation of state functions


Upgrading our army to be more combative and more organised.

Upgrading health services in all areas.

Upgrading the agriculture industry, industrial industry and green development in general.

The correct evaluation of civil servants.

Implement the laws correctly and pass new bills that will ensure the proper functioning of the state by creating safety valves to prevent corruption of the system. For example: criminalisation of misdemeanours, innocence or negligence, etc.

Elimination of world poverty with a specific plan but also for the transmission of True Democracy.

All of the above can be done if you follow the 2 steps for the overthrow of partisanship and the rise of True Democracy.

  1. Vote for new people…new movements

  2. Everyone must Vote, let no one abstain


Only in this way we will build our country, there is no other way.

When we achieve the change in the composition of the parliament immediately, then the next goal will be the similar change in the President of the Republic.
In order for the boat to go in the same direction, those who row must do it at the same pace, in the same direction, otherwise we go one front and two back!

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My plan for a Real Democracy is based on participation
of citizens in governance

Information Platform “Real Democracy Online”

Project goal: Collection and utilization of information, simple and practical

How It Works:


Adoption of bills that set the basis and conditions for the creation and operation of a modern electronic platform.

Every citizen, either by name or by fake name, will be able to access an online platform and make suggestions, comments, messages, complaints, remarks, or whatever else they want to say or inform the state.

In this way, we will have the direct contribution of the citizens in the formation of the state, we will have direct information about waste in the public sector, bribes from politicians or accomplices needed to become a bribe, mistakes, negligence, innocence or anything else that generally puts our state at extra cost or deprives the state of revenue or suggests areas that can be saved or even earn money.
(The Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi, did something similar and saved millions of euros in a few months).


Generally with the platform “Real Democracy Online”, Democracy takes on another dimension as the citizens are being listened to, direct referendums can be held, brainstorming and decisions can be made with the contribution and advice of the people.

All information will be confidential, categorised into ministries, departments, urgent, non-urgent, general issues and more in order to channel the appropriate information to the right people.

By law, in all ministries there will be a select group under the control of the Auditor General, which will handle all matters and will be accountable only to the Auditor General and will have free access to all departments and individuals of each ministry.


The Attorney General, the Ministry of Justice, the judicial authority, and any other body will be consulted for the soonest trial of the cases that will come to the surface and need a trial. All cases will be considered in order of seriousness.


For disciplinary misconduct, negligence of duties and other operational misconduct there will be a different committee to handle them which will be accountable to the competent minister and the general secretary of the Republic of Cyprus. It will be checked whether the offenders have been punished with the penalties that will be determined.

Citizens will be informed about the stage of their complaint, eg: omitted, studied, completed, etc. They will also have the right to complain to the audit team in case that after the complaint the appropriate actions have not been taken or they do not have information or no results have come out in a reasonable amount of time.

For complaints that cannot proceed on their own initiative, you will offer a protection plan to citizens who have evidence and proof but do not want to be named.

Immediate investigation and trial will also be conducted for citizens who give false information or maliciously mislead auditors.

Generally with the system “Real Democracy Online”, from the day it is organised and implemented, everyone will be very concerned about whether they will do their job properly or not, whether they will help a politician to make a living or not, and in general it will give a new beginning to private and especially public service and to our daily life.

The system is in the design stage so it can accept other modifications from citizens' suggestions. After all, brainstorming is one of the best, if not the best, way to solve a problem or create something new. Send us your suggestions here.

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